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Ordinary inclined bed CNC lathe

It is suitable for machining all kinds of medium disc and shaft parts with high precision requirement, difficult processing, many processes and mass production.



Equipment features:

1. The spindle unit with independent sleeve structure is equipped with high-precision special bearings for the spindle, and the lubricating grease for German bearings is used, which greatly reduces the thermal deformation of the spindle unit and improves the thermal stability and accuracy. The maximum speed can reach 4500rpm (A2-5 head) or 4000rpm (A2-6 head); The high rigidity, high speed and high precision of the spindle unit enable the whole machine to be competent for various rough and finish machining.

2. CNC system and drive unit are mature products of famous brands; PLC has been used for many years, safe and reliable; The electrical design of the machine tool is sophisticated, the process is standardized, and the electrical appliances are all European brands, with low failure and durability.

3. After the spindle unit is equipped with chuck and oil cylinder, the dynamic accuracy and durability of the spindle are greatly improved through the detection of dual channel online dynamic balancer and counterweight. The assembly process of the machine tool is fine, and the mechanical precision of the moving part is far superior to the national standard after being corrected by the laser interferometer and the ball and stick instrument.

Equipment parameters:

Main   parameter Unit CKX630L CKX800L

Line rail type
Line rail type
Maximum turning diameter on   bed/sliding plate mm Φ650/Φ500 Φ800/Φ640
Standard turning diameter mm Φ400 Φ500
Block type mm Φ540/(50~310Center frame) Φ650/(50~310Center frame)
Maximum turning length mm 750/1500/2000/3000 750/1500/2000/3000
Maximum spindle speed r/min 2000/1500 1500
Spindle head form type A2-8/A2-11 A2-11
Diameter of spindle through   hole mm Φ86/Φ112 Φ112
Chuck diameter mm Φ320(12")/Φ380(15") Φ380(15")
Main motor power kw 18.5(Servo)/22(Servo) 30/22(Servo)
Bed structure type 30°whole/30°whole 45°whole
X-axis stroke mm 360/360 400
Z-axis stroke mm 850/1550/2150/3150 850/1550/2050/3050
X/Z axis rapid movement m/min 16 12
Form type 125-12T/160-8T 125-12T/160-12T
Tool size (turning/boring) mm 25*25/40  32*32/50 32*32/50
Sleeve diameter/form distance mm Φ150/L150 Φ150/L150
Taper of sleeve hole MT NO. 5#rotate 5#rotate
Machining accuracy level IT6 IT6
Positioning accuracy X/Z mm 0.012/0.018 0.012/0.018
Repetitive positioning   accuracy mm x-axis:0.008 x-axis:0.008

mm x-axis:0.01/0.013 x-axis:0.01/0.013
Roughness um Ra≤1.6/3.2 Ra≤1.6/3.2
Volume (L * W * H) m 3.7*2.2*2.2/4.4*2.2*2.2 3.8*2.2*2.2/4.4*2.2*2.2
Power Supply KVA 50 50
Total weight kg 5800/6800 6800/7800