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Three Axis Rigid Rail Vertical Machining Center

Three axle hard rail structure
Good torsion resistance
Good rigidity
Bearing heavy load cutting


Equipment advantages:

1、Three axle hard rail structure, good torsion resistance, good rigidity, bearing heavy load cutting.

2、High rigid body structure design ensures the high efficiency and strong cutting requirements of the machine tool.

3、Internationalized, high standard and fine sheet metal design of the outer cover ensure the sealing of the equipment and good environmental protection.

Equipment features:

1. The lathe bed and its main components are made of high-quality Yunnan cast iron with high specifications. The advanced all resin sand casting process is used to improve the seismic resistance and stability of the lathe, which is suitable for high-strength and high-precision processing.

2. The main structural parts of the machine tool are processed by large imported high-precision CNC equipment such as pentahedron machining center, gantry guide rail grinding, special boring milling horizontal machining, etc., with excellent technology and high precision.

3. The functional parts of the machine tool, including the unit spindle, ball screw, tool cylinder, lubrication setting, tool magazine, coupling, and lead screw bearing, are all imported products, which are reliable and durable.

4. The assembly process of the machine tool is fine, and the accuracy of the moving part is corrected by laser interferometer and ball and stick instrument, which realizes the lasting stability of the machining accuracy, and the mechanical accuracy is far superior to the national standard.

5. CNC system and drive unit are mature products; PLC has been used for many years, safe and reliable; The electrical design of the machine tool is sophisticated, the process is standardized, and the electrical appliances are all European brands, with low failure and durability.

Equipment parameters:

Entry   name
VMC850C VMC850 VMC1060 VMC1580
X-axis stroke mm 800 800 1000 1500
Y-axis stroke mm 500 500 600 800
Z-axis stroke mm 700 500 600 700
Distance from   spindle end face to worktable mm 110-810 105-605 180-780 185-885
Distance from   spindle center to column guide rail mm 575 540 655 810
Dimension of   worktable mm 530*1000 500*1050 600*1300 800*1700
Maximum   bearing capacity of workbench kg 600 600 800 1500
5-18 5-18 5-18 5-22
T-groove   spacing mm 100 100 120 135
Spindle speed   range rpm 8000 8000 8000 8000
Spindle taper   hole/outer diameter
BT40/Ø150 BT40/Ø150 BT40/Ø150 BT50/Ø155
X/Y axis rapid   feedrate m/min 18 18 18 18
Z-axis rapid   feedrate m/min 15 15 15 15
Feed rate mm/min 1-10000 1-10000 1-8000 1-6000
Guide rail   form
Sliding guide rail Sliding guide rail Sliding guide rail Sliding guide rail
Magazine   capacity position 20/24 20/24 20/24 20/24
Tool maximum   diameter/length/mass mm/mm/kg 78/300/12 78/300/12 78/300/12 125/300/12
Maximum   diameter/length of tool (adjacent empty tool) mm/mm 150/300 150/300 150/300 250/300
Spindle motor   power kw 7.5/11 5.5/7.5 7.5/11 15/18.5
Input power
50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V
Overall   dimensions (L * W * H) mm 2805*2300*2800 2805*2300*2600 3400*2750*2800 4500*3500*3700
Net weight of   machine tool (about weight) kg 5800 4800 7200 12500