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Vertical Machining Center

A vertical machining center is a type of milling machine that is commonly used in the manufacturing industry. It is designed to perform a wide range of machining operations, such as milling, drilling, boring, and tapping, on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites.

A vertical machining center is a versatile and efficient milling machine that is widely used in the manufacturing industry. Its vertical spindle orientation, high spindle speed, and automation capabilities make it a preferred choice for machining complex parts with high precision and efficiency.

Equipment features:

1.Z-axis with brake, no weight design, up and down high-speed movement, no vibration, high precision.

2.The use of post-chip structure, clean up waste residue, easy to leak.

3.With the disc magazine, open the knife function, improve the tool change speed.

4.Integral molded castings provide a strong load-bearing capacity.

5.High-speed roller linear guide, fast, good rigidity.