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Flat Bed CNC Lathe

A flat bed CNC lathe is a type of lathe machine that is specifically designed for the manufacturing of complex cylindrical and conical shapes. It is widely used in the metalworking industry for various applications such as turning, drilling, and milling.

The flat bed CNC lathes of our company can be made into premium machines, standard machines, high-quality machines and special machines, which can meet the different needs of different types of customers, and help to scale production, so as to achieve a win-win situation for customers and manufacturers.

Equipment features:

High precision: Flat Bed CNC Lathe can achieve precision machining with high machining accuracy. The CNC system can accurately control the motion trajectory and machining parameters of the lathe tool, ensuring the stability and consistency of machining quality. At the same time, the Flat Bed CNC Lathe is equipped with high-precision measurement devices and detection systems, which can timely monitor errors during the macining process, make real-time corrections, and improve the machining accuracy.

High efficiency: Flat Bed CNC Lathe have the characteristics of high speed and processing ability, which can greatly improve work efficiency. CNC systems can achieve automated processing operations, reduce manual intervention, and improve production efficiency. In addition, the Flat Bed CNC Lathe also has multiple tool heads, multiple workstations, and automatic tool changing functions, which can achieve one-time clamping processing of multiple processes, reduce tool changing and clamping time, and improve processing efficiency.

Multi function: The Flat Bed CNC Lathe has multiple processing functions, which can meet different processing needs. It can process small parts and large-sized workpieces, with strong adaptability. The Flat Bed CNC Lathe can perform various processing methods such as turning, boring, drilling, tapping, etc., and can meet various shapes and processing requirements of workpieces. In addition, the Flat Bed CNC Lathe also has automatic clamping and automatic tool changing functions, which can achieve multiple operation modes and multiple processes of processing, achieving integrated production.

Strong flexibility: The Flat Bed CNC Lathe can be programmed and adjusted according to processing needs, with strong flexibility. By programming the CNC system, cutting operations of different processes, changes in workpiece shape and size can be achieved. The Flat Bed CNC Lathe can also store and call multiple sets of processing programs, making it easy to operate and convenient. 

Stable operation: The CNC system of the flat CNC lathe operates stably and has high reliability. The CNC system has automatic diagnosis and troubleshooting functions, which can detect and handle abnormal situations in a timely manner, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment. The flat CNC lathe also has a stable high-power spindle and a rigid machine tool structure, which can meet the requirements of high-strength and high-speed processing, reduce vibration and noise, and improve processing quality.