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Multi Gear CNC Lathe

The water, oil, electricity and gas are well treated. There are many measures for sealing, anti-collision, protection and heat dissipation. The reliability of parts is good. The inspection items and means are refined. The process specification is detailed.


Equipment parameters:

Entry   name Unit CK6150L CK6150 CK6180
Maximum   turning diameter on lathe body mm 510 520 860
Maximum   turning diameter on sliding plate mm 230 295 540
Maximum   machining length mm 1000 1000 1000/1500/2000/3000
Main transmission form
Three gear frequency   conversion Three gear frequency   conversion Four gear frequency conversion
Spindle speed   range r/min 58-1700 60-1600 30-835
Diameter of   spindle hole mm Φ82 Φ82 Φ105
Taper of spindle hole front end
1:20/Φ90 1:20/Φ90 1:20/Φ145
Maximum stroke in X direction mm 255 285 X direction:450
X-axis guide rail mm linear guide rail 25 mm

Z-axis guide rail mm linear guide rail 30mm

positioning   accuracy mm 0.015 0.015 X   direction:0.025  Z direction:0.03
Repetitive   positioning accuracy mm ±0.004 ±0.004 X   direction:0.01  Z direction:0.015
Workpiece   machining accuracy
Workpiece surface roughness
Ra1.6 Ra1.6 Ra1.6
Diameter of   tailstock sleeve mm Φ75 Φ75 Φ130
Tailstock sleeve stroke mm 150 150 250
Taper of taper hole of tailstock sleeve
MT5# MT5# MT6#
Number of tool   holders (electric)
4 4 4
Chuck   specification (manual chuck) mm K11200 K11250 K11320
Machine tool   appearance dimensions (L * W * H) mm 2600*1500*1800 2600*1500*1800 3200(3700)(4200)(5500)*2100*1900
Net weight of   machine tool kg 2850 2850 3400/3700/5200/3600/3900/5400

The flat bed CNC lathes of our company can be made into premium machines, standard machines, high-quality machines and special machines, which can meet the different needs of different types of customers, and help to scale production, so as to achieve a win-win situation for customers and manufacturers.