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High Precision CNC Lathe with Wire Rail Inclined Bed

The lathe body is made of HT300 cast iron, with a 30 ° inclined bed structure.

High-Precision-CNC-Lathe-with-Wire-Rail-Inclined-Bed-TSC45LHigh Precision Line Rail Inclined Bed CNC Lathe TSC36L-2High Precision CNC Lathe with Wire Rail Inclined Bed TSC45LM-1High Precision CNC Lathe with Wire Rail Inclined Bed TSC45LMY-2

Equipment features:

1. The bed is made of HT300 cast iron and has a 30 ° inclined bed structure;

2. Wide square bed with 45/45 precision linear guide rail;

3. The horizontal structure of the spindle box and tailstock is more stable and rigid.

4. It is equipped with a high rigid servo power cutter tower to achieve axial and radial milling functions, spindle C-axis interpolation, indexing, positioning functions, and spindle oil pressure disc disc brake.

Equipment parameters:

Main parameters (unit: mm)

Maximum   turning diameter on the bed surface Φ560mm Φ650mm Φ650mm
Maximum   machining diameter Φ450mm Φ415mm Φ350mm
Maximum   turning diameter on sliding plate Φ300mm Φ200mm Φ200mm
Maximum   machining length 500 300(BMT55) 300
Spindle head   form A2-6/8" A2-5/8" A2-5/8"
Spindle motor   power 11kw 11kw 11kw
Maximum   spindle speed 4200rpm 4200rpm 4200rpm
Diameter of   spindle hole Φ66mm Φ66mm Φ66mm
Bar diameter Φ52mm Φ52mm Φ52mm
X/Z axis   limit stroke 230/610 225/600
X/Y/Z axis   limit travel

X/Y/Z axis   screw rod specification

X/Y/Z axis   rail specification

Turret   Station NC100-12T BMT45(55)/12T BMT55/12T/ER25
Tool   size/shank size 25/Φ32 25/Φ32 25/Φ32
Maximum speed   of power head

Diameter of   tailstock sleeve 80mm 80mm 80mm
Tailstock   sleeve stroke 80mm 80mm 80mm
Maximum   stroke of tailstock 450 450 450
Taper hole of   tailstock sleeve Mohs 4# Mohs 4# Mohs 4#
Overall   dimensions (L * W * H) 2660*1750*1900 2450*1500*1900 2660*1750*2200
Weight (about   weight) T 4000kg 4200kg 4600kg