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CNC Lathe with Hard Rail Inclined Bed


CNC-lathe-with-hard-rail-inclined-bed-CKX750HMYCNC lathe with hard rail inclined bed CKX750HMY2


1. It has the fast and accurate tool changing performance of the servo turret, and it is matched with the power milling of the high-speed power shaft to achieve turning

2. Excellent machining capability of milling compound

3. The tool holder is installed with a high-cutting BMT installation interface

4. The power transmission shaft is driven by a servo spindle motor

5. The power output adopts the DIN1809 in-line method

6. The high speed of the rotary tool can reach 5000RPM

7. The power turret adopts a positive Y-axis design, and the center of gravity drive structure of the box in the box is integrated with the turret, so that the force is balanced during processing;

8. Equipped with high-rigidity servo power turret to achieve axial and radial Y-axis milling functions, spindle C-axis interpolation, indexing, positioning functions, and spindle hydraulic disc brakes.

Equipment parameters:

Main parameters (unit: mm)
Entry name CKX750HMY/1000/1500/2000
Turning   diameter on the bed surface Φ920mm
Maximum   machining diameter Φ600mm
Machining   diameter on sliding plate Φ440mm
Maximum   machining length 530/830/1430/2030
Spindle head   form A2-8(10")Optional   A2 11(12")
Spindle motor   power 22kw
Maximum   spindle speed 2800rpm
Diameter of   spindle hole Φ87mm
Bar diameter Φ75mm
X/Z axis   screw rod specification 4008/3208/5010
X-axis limit   stroke 325mm/±60
X/Z axis   motor torque 30N.M
Z-axis limit   stroke 760/1085/1685/2285
X/Z axis   connection mode Direct connection
Machining   accuracy IT6
Repetitive   positioning accuracy 0.003mm
Servo turret BMT65/ER32/4000rpm
Tool size 25*25
Dimensions of   boring tool holder 40mm
Quill   diameter 100mm\130mm(Optional   built-in rotation)
Sleeve stroke 80mm
Maximum   stroke of tailstock 785/1085/1685/2285
Taper hole of   tailstock sleeve Mohs 5#
Bed form and   inclination (L * W * H) Integral 30°   4200/1900/1850
Weight (about   weight) T 7.5/8.5/10.5/12.5T
System   optional: FANUC ,   MITSUBISHI,  SIEMENS,  GSK