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What is the High Speed And Efficient Machining Center

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The continuous improvement of working performance of high speed machining centers is an important prerequisite for the mold manufacturing industry to efficiently and accurately process molds. Driven by drive technology, many different types of high-speed machining centers with innovative structures and excellent performance have emerged. The three axis high speed machining center that emerged in the mid and late 1990s has now developed into a five axis high-speed machining center. In terms of drive mode, it has developed from linear motion (X/Y/Z axis) servo motor and ball screw drive to linear motor drive. Rotary motion (A and C axis) uses direct drive torque motors. Some companies have also developed machining centers into five-axis machining centers using direct drive through linear motors and torque motors. The stroke speed, dynamic performance, and positioning accuracy of the machining center are significantly improved.

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