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High Speed And Efficient Machining Center

High speed and efficiency! Upgraded products for vertical machining centers.


Product advantages:

1. High efficiency and power, high spindle rigidity, high removal rate

2. Fast response, fast acceleration and deceleration

3. Fast tool change

4. Precise, high positioning accuracy

5. High speed, high spindle speed


1. It can complete the exchange action of tool to tool in 0.7 seconds, mechanical linkage, reduce detection, be fast and consistent, and have low failure rate.

2. The machine tool base is wide and thick, with sufficient weight, low center of gravity and large bearing surface, providing a strong guarantee for high-speed and high-precision.

3. Spindle box enlargement, scientific reinforcement arrangement, sliding saddle, etc. have been carefully designed, taking full account of the requirements of high rigidity and high speed.

Equipment parameters:

Entry  name
VHC540 VHC740
Worktable size   (length * width) mm 600*400 800*400
Table stroke   (X.Y.Z) mm 510*400*310 700*400*400
T-slot size   (number size *spacing) mm 3-14*100 3-14*100
Spindle taper   hole
BT30 BT30
Spindle speed rpm 15000/20000/24000   (Optional)
Magazine   capacity
20+1 20+1
Tool to tool   exchange time sec 0.7 0.7
Maximum   cutting speed m/min 10 10
Fast moving   speed m/min 64 64
Distance from   spindle center to column guide rail mm 400 400
Positioning   accuracy mm ±0.003 ±0.003
Repetitive   positioning accuracy mm ±0.002 ±0.002
Total power kw 10.5 10.5
Worktable   bearing kg 200 250
Net weight of   machine tool kg 3300 3600