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Working Principle of Two Axis Rail Vertical Machining Center

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In simple terms, the lubrication system of a Two Axis Rail Vertical Machining Center is to mix the lubricating oil and compressed air separately supplied and form a turbulent oil-air mixture flow, which is then supplied to the spindle or other lubrication parts of the machining center. The working principle utilizes the flow of compressed air in the pipeline to drive lubricating oil to continuously flow along the inner wall of the pipeline, mixing oil and gas and transporting them to the main shaft and other lubrication parts such as the screw of the machining center.

Dry compressed air is continuously supplied at a constant pressure (5-8 BAR), while lubricating oil is quantitatively supplied based on the different oil consumption of spindle lubrication, screw lubrication, or other parts. Therefore, each lubrication circuit must use a separate micro oil pump as the power source for oil delivery. 

After the oil is pumped out, it must first enter the oil gas mixing valve. In the oil gas mixing valve, the flowing compressed air blows the oil into small oil droplets, which attach to the pipe wall to form an oil film. The oil film flows along the pipe wall in the direction of the airflow, and the thickness of the oil film gradually decreases during the flow process, but it does not condense



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