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Structural features of Vertical Machining Center

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The vertical machining center refers to the machining center with the main shaft in the vertical state. Its structural form is mostly fixed column. The workbench is rectangular and has no indexing rotation function. It is suitable for processing the parts such as plates, sleeves and plates. It generally has three linear motion coordinate axes, and can install a rotary table rotating along the horizontal axis on the workbench to process the spiral parts.

The vertical machining center is easy to install, operate, observe the processing conditions, debug the program and apply widely. However, due to the limitation of the column height and the tool change device, it is not possible to process parts that are too high. When machining the cavity or the concave surface, the chip is not easy to be discharged. In serious cases, the tool will be damaged, the machined surface will be damaged, and the smooth processing will be affected.



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