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Some Advantages of Single Spindle CNC Lathe

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Some Advantages of Single Spindle CNC Lathe:

1. The design concept and process method of sheet metal for vertical machining and oblique turning are introduced into the flat bed lathe. The CNC optical fiber laser cutting machine and CNC five axis bending machine are used to produce sheet metal for the flat car, which makes the machine tool look novel, simple and elegant, and the work is fine.

2. The frequency converter is a closed loop, which directly detects the spindle encoder signal. Once the spindle speed drops, the closed-loop control is quickly started, and the output torque within 30s is more than twice the rated value, which greatly reduces the possibility of being stuck.

3. The headstock or gearbox below the four mechanical gears can realize automatic shifting (patented technology, pending application). After automatic shifting, the gears can be automatically identified without changing any habits of the operator.

4. If necessary, the power of the main motor can be increased, such as 3.0KW to 4.0KW, 7.5KW to 9.5KW, and the torque of each speed segment can be significantly increased through strict testing of the dynamometer.

5. Having absorbed the suggestions of many customers, the water, oil, electricity and gas are well treated, there are many sealing, anti-collision, protection and heat dissipation measures, the reliability of parts is good, the inspection items and means are refined, and the process is standardized and meticulous.



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