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Operating requirements for high speed machining centers

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Operating requirements for high speed machining centers

The continuously improving working performance of high-speed machining centers is an important prerequisite for the mold manufacturing industry to efficiently and accurately process molds. Driven by drive technology, numerous different types of high-speed machining centers with innovative structures and excellent performance have emerged. Do not place obstacles around the high-speed machining center to ensure that the working space is large enough; Do not splash water or oil onto the ground, ensuring that the working floor is clean and dry; 

Do not move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine tool, ensuring that the safety warning signs are clear and eye-catching. Do not use wet hands to Touch switch, otherwise it will also cause electric shock; Before pressing the switch blind, make sure it is correct to avoid danger caused by incorrect connection; Familiarize yourself with the position of the emergency stop button, ensuring that you can press it anytime you need it without searching. 



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