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What Is The Vertical Machining Center?

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Vertical machining center refers to the machining center with the spindle axis and the workbench set vertically. It is mainly used to process complex parts such as plates, discs, molds and small shells.

The vertical machining center can complete milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting processes. Vertical machining centers shall at least have three axes and two linkages, and generally can achieve three axes and three linkages. Some can be controlled with five or six axes.

The vertical machining center has a limited column height, so the machining range of box type workpieces should be reduced, which is a disadvantage of the vertical machining center. But the vertical machining center is convenient for clamping and positioning; The moving track of the cutting tool is easy to observe, the debugging program is convenient to check and measure, and problems can be found in time for shutdown or modification; The cooling conditions are easy to establish, and the cutting fluid can directly reach the tool and the machined surface; The three coordinate axes are consistent with the Cartesian coordinate system, which is intuitive and consistent with the visual angle of the drawing. The chips are easy to be removed and dropped to avoid scratching the machined surface. Compared with the corresponding horizontal machining center, it has simple structure, small floor area and low price.



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