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What Are The Advantages of CNC Lathe with Inclined Bed

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CNC lathe with inclined bed is a kind of automatic machine tool with high precision and high efficiency. Equipped with multi-station cutter tower or power cutter tower, the machine tool has a wide range of technological performance, can be processed linear cylinder, oblique cylinder, arc and a variety of thread, groove, worm and other complex workpiece, with linear interpolation, arc interpolation of various compensation functions, and in the mass production of complex parts has played a good economic benefits.

Advantages of inclined bed CNC lathes are as follows:

1. Good stability

Need to process large parts generally use inclined bed or flat bed inclined guide rail machine tools, because the corresponding parts of medium and large machine tools are also very large, especially the tower parts, the use of inclined guide rail is mainly to overcome gravity to have better stability to improve the accuracy of machine tools, in some harsh environment can reflect the advantages of inclined machine tools.

2.improve the utilization rate

The tilting machine tool can effectively utilize the space and greatly reduce the plane area of the machine tool.

3.easy to remove chips

The inclined guide rail also facilitates the concentration of iron chips in the chip removal machine for automatic chip removal. The iron chip under the cutting has a high heat, the accumulation in the guide rail will make the guide rail heat deformation, so that the working accuracy changes, in the mass automatic processing process will lead to the mass scrap of the workpiece.



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