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Product Features of Flat Bed CNC Lathe

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Product features of Flat Bed CNC Lathe:

1.Built-in Windows 7/8/10 operating system makes simple page operation;

2.The front panel of the all-in-one machine is only 3mm thick and is installed on the cabinet, which is tight and more beautiful;

3.The self-developed industrial board J1900 is adopted, and the configuration is upgraded to i5-4200U, 4G+128G to ensure more stable operation;

4.In the industrial automation scenario, due to the intensive data, the resolution of the all-in-one machine can reach 1024 * 768, which can be as high as 1080P;

5.In terms of touch mode, the capacitive and resistive touch mode in industrial automation scene needs to be selected according to the user's specific scene;

6.For general industrial automation machine tools, cabinets and other application scenarios, users mostly choose embedded installation;

7.Support customized services such as screen, size, installation method, module installation, use environment, etc.



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