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Maintenance of Vertical Machining Center

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Maintenance of Vertical Machining Center

1. Strictly follow the operating procedures and daily maintenance system.

2. Prevent dust from entering the floating dust and metal powder inside the electronic control device, which can easily cause a decrease in insulation resistance between electrical components, leading to faults and even damage to components.

3. Regularly clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the electric control cabinet.

Precautions for using Vertical Machining Center

1. Operating environment of Vertical Machining Center

It is best to place a Vertical Machining Center in a constant temperature environment and away from equipment with high vibrations (such as punches) and equipment with electromagnetic interference.

2. Power requirements

3. Vertical Machining Center should have operating procedures for regular maintenance and attention should be paid to recording and protecting the site in case of malfunctions.

4. Vertical Machining Center should not be sealed for a long time

5. Pay attention to training and equipping operators and maintenance personnel



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