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How To Select A Vertical Machining Center?

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How to choose a vertical machining center depends on your actual situation and needs. The following important parts are the points you should pay attention to when purchasing vertical machining centers:

1. Spindle unit

Spindle unit is the bridge between tools and workpieces, and is the key component of the whole vertical machining center. The contact between the tool and the workpiece is the greatest guarantee for precision machining.

2. CNC system

CNC system is the core component of vertical machining center. The price of CNC systems of international famous brands is high, while domestic CNC systems are relatively cheap. At present, the imported systems on the market include FANUC, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc. Domestic systems include Taiwan Xindai, Huazhong CNC, Beijing Kandi, etc.

3. Tool magazine

Tool magazine is a part of the milling and cutting operations used to store tools in the machining center. The tools directly drill the workpiece. The tool is the executor of all instructions of the machining center. Commonly used tool magazines are disc tool magazine and bamboo hat tool magazine. The number of tools and the service life of tools determine the price. The tool magazine is equipped with a robot that can be used to change tools in about three seconds. It is also called a manipulator, and its price is higher than that of the hat type tool magazine.

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