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Hannover wishes you enjoy a happy Dragon Boat Festival Vacation!

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Chinese culture has a long history and is broad and profound. Ancient festivals are an important carrier of traditional culture. The formation of ancient festivals contains profound and rich cultural connotation. Ancient festivals attach importance to the belief of ancestors and sacrificial activities. The belief of ancestors is the core of ancient traditional festivals. There are many Dragon Boat Festival customs with various forms, rich and colorful contents, and lively and festive. On the midsummer Dragon Boat Festival, the flying dragon is in the sky. The dragon spirit is vigorous and all evils are avoided.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a folk festival integrating praying for blessings to ward off evil spirits, celebrating entertainment and eating. The customs of the Dragon Boat Festival are rich and colorful. These festivals revolve around the forms of offering sacrifices to the dragon, praying for blessings, and fighting disasters, and embody people’s wishes to welcome the auspicious, accept blessings, and ward off evil spirits and eliminate disasters. Since ancient times, the Dragon Boat Festival has been a festive day for eating rice dumplings and raking dragon boats. The lively Dragon Boat performances and happy food banquets during the Dragon Boat Festival are the embodiment of celebrating the festival.

We  hope everyone has a good time during the holiday. If you have any inquiries, you can send an email to communicate. Finally, our company wish everyone a happy holiday!



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