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Hannover wishes you a happy Lantern Festival

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It is a long-standing custom in China to eat the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The Lantern Festival is known as “Tangyuan”, which has different ingredients and flavors.

At first, the seasonal snack of the Lantern Festival was not the Lantern Festival. In the Southern Dynasty, it was bean porridge or rice porridge cooked with meat and animal oil. In the Tang Dynasty, it was a kind of silkworm like pasta and scones. Until the Song Dynasty, the Lantern Festival was made of glutinous rice flour and fructose. However, it was not called the Lantern Festival at that time, but it was called Fuyuan zi or Tangyuan.

Later, because this kind of food was eaten exclusively on the Lantern Festival, it was called the Lantern Festival.

In fact, the difference between Tangyuan and Yuanxiao is only the size and whether it is stuffed! Southerners use glutinous rice to make round rice balls the size of longan, which is called glutinous rice balls.

However, northern people eat bigger round dumplings, and the ones with stuffing inside are called Yuanxiao. Businessmen also call it “Yuanbao”, which also symbolizes prosperity. But the meaning of eating the Lantern Festival is the same. It represents reunion, harmony and beauty. The days are getting more prosperous.

As the saying goes, harmony makes money. Family harmony and family reunion are important factors for a complete family. Therefore, you must eat “Lantern” with your family on the Lantern Festival.

CNC lathe manufacturer - Hannover wishes you a happy holiday and a happy family.



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