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Characteristics of Flat Bed CNC Lathes

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The main performance characteristics of flat bed CNC lathe:

1. Full-function CNC lathe, a programming input can automatically realize the machining of the outer circle, inner hole, thread and complex arc surface of mechanical parts;

2. Horizontal flat bed structure, wide bed foot, horizontal layout, with high stability and rigidity; High strength material resin sand casting sufficient aging treatment, guide rail high-frequency quenching precision grinding processing;

3. The headstock is a gear transmission mechanism, the speed is divided into high, medium and low three levels, and the frequency converter is configured to realize stepless speed regulation in the gear. Selection of high-precision spindle bearing three-point support structure, so that the spindle can realize heavy load processing, with high precision, strong rigidity, small thermal deformation, smooth operation, low noise characteristics;

4.Big slide plate, cross slide plate plastering treatment, weaken the low speed crawling, improve the positioning accuracy;

5. The machine tool vertical and horizontal motor is directly connected with the lead screw, and the lead screw bearing is selected.

6. Automatic intermittent electric lubrication pump is selected for oil lubrication to achieve centralized quantitative forced automatic lubrication, reduce the wear of moving parts and increase the service life.



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