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Advantages of Vertical Machining Center

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Vertical machining center is one of the types of machining center. It is a machine evolved from the vertical milling machine, can be in one machine for a variety of cutting processing, such as milling, drilling and finishing and other all-round processing.

The vertical machining center is especially widely used and convenient to use. It has been widely used in many industries and is the most widely used machine tool in the world. The vertical machining center has a vertical structure and a vertical spindle (the rotation axis of the cutting tool). The cutter is mounted vertically and the workpiece is cut from the top. Suitable for a large number of top surface processing of the mold processing, as well as a variety of small batch production.

At present, the most commonly used vertical machining center is the three-axis machining center, which carries out three-axis machining based on X, Y and Z axes. It can be divided into table drive type and spindle drive type.

Advantages of vertical machining center are as follows:

1. The orientation of the drawing and the workpiece is the same, so it is easy to intuitively understand what is being worked on.

2, the main shaft is located at the top, can save space, and can obtain a large processing area.

3, simple structure, low cost.

4. Cutting oil (coolant) can be easily sprayed on the machined surface.



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