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Precautions for operating high-speed machining center

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Continuous improvement of working performance is an important premise for mold manufacturing to process mold efficiently and accurately. Driven by the driving technology, many different types of high speed machining centers with innovative structure and excellent performance have emerged.

In the operation of high-speed machining center, we need to pay attention to several points:

1. Do not place obstacles around the high-speed machining center to ensure that the working space should be large enough;

2. Do not splash water or oil onto the ground to ensure that the working ground is clean and dry;

3. Do not move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine tool to ensure that the safety warning signs are bright and eye-catching;

4, do not use wet hands to touch the switch, otherwise it will cause electric shock; Before pressing the switch blind must ensure that it is correct, so as to avoid danger caused by wrong connection; Familiar with the position of the emergency stop button, to ensure that in any need to use 'without looking for it will be pressed.

5, without safe operation training can not operate high-speed machining center, it is not recommended that two people operate high-speed machining center at the same time;

6, if a work needs two or more people to complete together, in each step of the operation should be provided for coordination signals, unless the specified signal has been given, otherwise do not carry out the next sudden operation.

7. Do not change the system parameter value or other electrical Settings. If it must be changed, the original value should be recorded before the change, so as to restore to the original adjusted value when necessary.

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