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Application scope of flat bed CNC lathe

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The flat bed CNC lathe is a small precision CNC lathe with high precision, high rigidity, high efficiency and low price, which is designed with electromechanical integration, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, wide use and convenient operation.

The flat bed CNC lathe has various processing functions and good accuracy stability. The side power head or end power head can be selected according to the needs of parts processing to meet the processing requirements of different users. The flat bed CNC lathe can realize automatic control, and can automatically complete the turning of internal and external circles, end faces, grooves, arbitrary cones, spheres, metric and inch cylinders, taper threads and other processes of various parts. It is equipped with complete S.T.M function, which can generate and receive multiple signals and control the automatic processing process.

The flat bed CNC lathe is suitable for processing high-strength cast iron bases and columns of small and medium-sized plates and covers. It has a vertical structure with good stability and seismic performance. It is convenient to clamp workpieces. It occupies a small area and adopts oil-water separation structure, which makes the cooling water clean, environment-friendly and durable. It is convenient to clean the precision and high stiffness cartridge type spindle structure



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