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Advantages of High Speed Machining Center

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A common structural feature of high-speed machining centersfor mold processing is the use of gantry frame structure, in order to enhance the rigidity of machine tools, and facilitate the full use of the processing area space. The material of machine tool bed is mostly polymer concrete, because this material has better damping performance and low heat conductivity, it is conducive to improve the machining accuracy of the die.

The price of the five-axis high-speed machining center is much higher than that of the three-axis machining center. Although the price of the five-axis high-speed machining center is high, this high-grade machine tool is especially suitable for processing the mold with complex geometric shapes.

Five axis high-speed machining center in the processing of deeper, steeper cavity, through the workpiece or the spindle head of the additional rotation and swing for the end milling cutter processing to create the best technological conditions, and avoid the tool and the tool rod and the cavity wall collision, reduce the tool processing jitter and tool damage risk, so as to improve the surface quality of the mold, processing efficiency and tool durability.

When the user purchases the machining center, whether to choose the three-axis machining center or the five-axis machining center should be determined according to the complexity and accuracy of the geometric shape of the mold cavity. It can be seen from the process of continuous innovation of high-speed machining center that it is the key to continuously improve the high-speed performance, dynamic characteristics and machining accuracy to make full use of the latest achievements in today's technology field, especially the latest achievements of driving technology and control technology.



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